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Top-rated Impractical Jokers Episodes

Impractical Jokers is one of those shows that are chokeful of so many good episodes that it often becomes necessary to watch entire seasons.

Fortunately, normal episodes have a runtime of just around 20 minutes, which makes seasons easy to digest.

But what if you just don’t have the time for a proper binging?

Well, how about a viewing of the top rated episodes from each season. With eight complete seasons, you’re looking at runtime shorter than most Martin Scorsese movies.

Even better, these few episodes can serve as a good primer for people who have never watched the show before.

So without further ado, here are some of the most top-rated episodes on each season.

Episodes Pick

  1. Season One: Episode 10 – What did I Eat?

What is the episode memorable for?
The IKEA challenge where the jokers are selling beds. Murr gets “intimate” with a customer, Sal spoons a guy, Q gets tucked in with pajamas and all, and Joe starts a full-scale pillow fight. Later on, Murr licks a bald head.

  1. Season Two: Episode 22 – Everything’s Just Rosie

What is the episode memorable for?
Two words: Scoopski Potatoes

  1. Season Three: Episode 26 – The Permanent Punishment

What is the episode memorable for?
The punishment, which is perhaps the most memorable in the history of the show.

  1. Season Four: Episode 6 – The Blunder Years

What is the episode memorable for?
The Danica McKellar cameo.

  1. Season Five: Episode 10 – Dark Side of the Moon

What is the episode memorable for?
Murr getting a prostate exam in front of an audience.

  1. Season Six: Episode 18 – Rubbed the Wrong Way

What is the episode memorable for?
Joe as the genie crashing the set of a stageplay in the background.

  1. Season Seven: Episode 6 – Turning the Tables

What is the episode memorable for?
Joe crashing tables at a restaurant by body slamming on them.

  1. Season Eight: Episode 8 – Cake Loss

What is the episode memorable for?
The jokers go shopping with their “girlfriends”.

Season Pick

If you have time for an entire season, then you can’t go wrong with season one. It only has 16 episodes, and they all pack some hearty laughs and more challenges per episode.

Here the jokers had something to prove, which makes this season consistently good all through. Even the top-rated episode on IMDB is a tie between 5 at the time of these writing.

Yes, it’s that good of a season if fans can’t come to a consensus.


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