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The Best of Impractical Jokers’ Inventions

The Impractical Jokers’s crew have given us some of the weirdest inventions you could possibly imagine.

As expected, most are hilariously absurd, however a few are surprisingly practical and could easily pass off for real products, as the focus group participants have often confirmed.

Fortunately, some such as the wheel of doom have become a mainstay, appearing in several challenges.

Here are some other memorable inventions featured on the show.

Inventions and their Episodes

  1. Crotch Watch – Season 5, Episode 3 (Ruffled Feathers)
    How can one possibly forget the image of Murr ‘programming’ the crotch watch from his crotch? Quite the salesman, this is perhaps Murr’s finest example of how to bullshit your way through a challenge.
  2. Kitty Litter – Season 5, Episode 3 (Ruffled Feathers)
    What’s better than having a portable toilet for your feline friend in the form of an executive briefcase? Q would approve.
  3. Toxic-O’s – Season 5, Episode 11 (Whose Phone Is Ringing)
    Imagine rat poison packaged in a colourful cereal box with nutrition facts to boot! It’s called Toxic-O’s, and your vermin is sure to fall for it better than a mousetrap.
  4. Jingle Vest – Season 5, Episode 25 (Training Day)
    Do you have no rhythm whatsoever? Is your idea of dancing strangely reminiscent of having convulsions? Worry not! All you need is the jingle vest as Q rightly demonstrated in this episode.
  5. Condom Shirt – Season 5, Episode 25 (Heckle and Hide)
    Picture fashion coming to the rescue of contraception, or is it the other way round?
  6. Death Chair – Season 5, Episode 20 (The Chairman)
    What do you get when you take a remote controlled chair and fit it with a leaf blower and a confetti canon? Q’s loud punishment has the answer you’re looking for.
  7. Sexy Beasts – Season 6, Episode 21 (Silence of the Lame)
    Ever wanted a stuffed toy raccoon with abs? How about a voluptuous kangaroo and a well-endowed walrus dressed in lingerie? Well, you need look no further than to sexy beasts – babe-a-roo and mother coconuts await your embrace.

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