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Best of Impractical Jokers ‘The Name Game’

Over the years, the jokers and their writing team have come-up with the most ridiculous names you could imagine.

Most of the names come into life through the ‘The Name Game‘ challenge where the jokers are expected to call out them out in receptions without laughing. The joker with the most laughs loses the challenge. Unsurprisingly, Sal is terribly disadvantaged here.

The most instantly recognizable of these names, its poster child if you will, is none other than Cranjis McBasketball.

Admittedly, the name has long since fallen into overuse since its first showing in the first episode (Hellcopter) of Season 5. The context was a reception as usual, however the challenge wasn’t ‘The Name Game’.

The first-ever challenge of that type would instead come later in the fifth episode (Browbeaten) of Season 6. Oddly, by Season 9 ‘The Name Game’ has since been renamed into Cranjis McBasketball.

In remembrance of its untimely death, here is a throwback of some of the most memorable and funniest names ‘The Name Game’ challenge has given us to date.

The Names (in no particular order)

  1. Colonel Indiana Longnuts
  2. Simmy Kantstandyourbitz
  3. Disfatt Bidge
  4. Diddy Doodat
  5. Uncle Boobs
  6. Fidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters lll
  7. Beefy McWhatnow
  8. Reverend Donk Bonkers
  9. Darcy O’Queef
  10. Church Pee Pew Pew
  11. Mother Coconuts
  12. David Krappenschitz
  13. Uncle Ratfoot
  14. Gal Godonut
  15. Holden Afart
  16. Bicurious George
  17. Wandamian Crucifixplate
  18. Chinese Name
  19. Secret Agent Randy Beans
  20. Detective Bluto Mindpretzel
  21. Eetwont Flush
  22. Doreen Kindasmells
  23. Helena Bottom-Farter
  24. Faith Bitch
  25. Nabi Cankles
  26. Tammy Shehole
  27. Sharty Waffles
  28. Jabreakit Jubawdit
  29. U’nique Areola
  30. Count Ravioli
  31. Hufokkin Tonight

Which is your favourite of the names (not necessarily in this list)? Personally, I’m partial to no. 9 above.

p.s. For a full list of all the names from the Name Game do check this project.


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