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Impractical Jokers Guest Stars + Episodes

Impractical Jokers has over the seasons featured some celebrity guest stars be it in the challenges or the much dreaded punishments. Some of the unforgettable cameos include those of Danica McKellar, Rosie O’Donnell, Gary Busey and Joey Fatone.

Of all the guest stars, Fatone has become more of a “regular” in that he’s made multiple guest apperances, most prominently as a standin for Q, and as a guest host on a couple of specials. He’s also the host for the Impractical Jokers After Party.

Let’s now take a look at the episodes where all these guest stars have appeared. For this list, specials are not going to be included.

List of Guest Stars and their Episodes

14 (Boardwalk of Shame)Getting customers into the trunk of a car
15 (Drawing a Blank)Cutting the line for Broadways ticket
18 (Who Arted)Do and say what you're told at the shoe store
227 (Cyber Buddies)Cashier at the grocery store

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