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Q’s Idiosyncrasies: Your Speech Impedes Me

You may have long noticed that Q has a slight speech impediment when pronouncing certain words. Of course for poor Q this is only a source of ridicule from the other jokers who are always at hand to take on the mantle of berating speech therapists.

Notable Episodes

Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episode 9 Psychotic Not-Line
Q didn’t mess any words on this one but he managed to utterly confuse a guy he had to shake hands with by telling him some very odd things. Poor guy was so perplexed he kept repeating “what does that mean?”

Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episode 19 Film Fail
In this episode’s punishment we have Q giving a presentation of some clips from a short film he apparently made based on his life. Unlucky for him, the presentation came loaded with some novel words such as Cannes which he eloquently mispronounces and uses orchid when he meant to say orchard.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 4 Catastrophe
A classic mispronunciation of Q: instead of Shitake mushrooms, he unknowingly pronounces it as “shit-take” mushroom.

Impractical Jokers Season 7 Episode 4 Stripteased
Q is at the dentists, and he’s going by the alias of Dr. Phil Newhouse. Kingsley from Australia is his first patient, but before he can begin working on him he has to find the “dung” depressor.

Impractical Jokers Season 8 Episode 2 The Closer
Q has to get his tutor to be her plus one in a coming wedding. While laying the ground for this he whips out his phone to send a text using Siri but the send command fails to work. Clearly, Siri is the problem here so he first tries Alexa, then “Ok Booble”. Few minutes later he’s wishing he can Alt+Ctrl+Delete his life. Turns out he has a hearing problem too.

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