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Q’s Idiosyncrasies: Queue The Animal

Of all the jokers, Q undoubtedly is the biggest animal lover, and even though he’s a cat person, he doesn’t discriminate against other animals. In another life Q would most certainly settle quite comfortably in the role of a zookeeper seeing his illustrious career in the show while handling all sorts of dangerous animals: from poisonous tarantulas to a deadly alligator.

Notable Episodes

Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episode 18 Sweat the Small Things
It’s common knowledge that Sal and cats don’t mix. Knowing this well, Q took his cat with him to Sal’s bed and cuddled with it as part of Sal’s punishment. Its here where we get not only the first glimpse of Q’s love for cats but evidence of him actually owning one of the three referred to by the tattoo Joe got him.

Impractical Jokers Season 4 Episode 1 Welcome to Miami
The jokers are in Miami and for the punishment Q has to get his backpack from an alligator, which surprisingly he does. Even though the alligator’s mouth was tied, it was nonetheless dangerous, which makes this by far the most courageous displays on the entire show.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 3 Ruffled Feathers
Another punishment but this time round Sal is the victim. Fortunately for him, Q is on stand by for “moral support”. On the roster is an adorable ferret, an Argentine tegu lizard, a red-tailed hawk and a peregrine falcon.

As expected, while Sal handles the animals with absolute fear Q seems to be having the time of his life – well, not so much from the animals as it was from Sal’s torment from handling them.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 23 Spider Man
Yet another punishment and perhaps one of Q’s toughest. On this one he’s tied down while helplessly looking as tarantulas are placed all over his body. Granted he’s scared he handled himself better than you’d expect from the other jokers.

Sal on the other hand laughed his way through this one not knowing Q would get back at him in the next season (Season 6 Episode 4 – Catastrophe) with a similar punishment but with cats as the spiders.

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 3 Drive, Drive, Drive
We constantly hear of Q’s cats but we never get to see them, at least not in the same we do with Joe’s dogs. Instead, the only recurring cat on the show has been Benjamin, the life-size cat that is always at hand to frighten Sal.

At the start of this episode’s punishment, however, the stars align and we finally get a glimpse of the real Benjamin in Q’s arms. That there was all the confirmation we needed for all the past season’s references.

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