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Murr’s Idiosyncrasies: The Hunger Games – Catching Murray

As revealed in the first Hunger Games, Joe and Murr are compelled to eat rather too frequently but for two completely different reasons.

For Murr it’s for the sake of his dental formula, for unlike the rest of his ferrety kind, he has acquired a maladaptive need to constantly engage in chewing of matter (edible or otherwise depending on availability) alike his rodent prey in order to check the growth of his falling chompers.

This is further given credence to by his peculiar chewing style, where it would seem the incisors have their job description confused with that of the molars.

Notable Episodes

  1. Impractical Jokers Season 4, Episode 4 Wrong Playwright
    Murr is eating Salami with his usual noisy chewing style, and it pisses the hell out of Sal. Joe weighs into the argument by accurately describing Murr’s peculiar chewing as that of “a nursing baby if you take the teeth away”. As a father, he should know.
  2. Impractical Jokers Season 6, Episode 01 Swim Shady
    Just before the Great Garbage Can Sandwich Rescue (GGCSR) incident, Joe unleashes a torrent of sandwich bits on the wall stirring a deadly laughter from the other jokers, so debilitating it makes Q puke. In all this frenzy as Sal tries to contain himself from puking, Murr unperturbed by the sight takes out his dish of lo mein and digs in.

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