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Murr’s Idiosyncrasies: The Twister

Of all the Jokers, Murr thanks in part to his previous feats and the heart they’ve endowed him, is often called upon to do the most outrageous of things — you know, the kind Q the gentleman will happily take a loss if not quit the show for.

Poor thing, but he clearly brought this upon himself the moment he showed the other jokers his willingness to raise the bar on his own challenges.

Pointless to protest such decisions, Murr’s only recourse is usually to dive head on into such challenges, but not without his mojo: a head twist motion that may be mistaken for hesitance only for him to step up in the most unexpected of ways.

A staple gesture of his, he also makes good use of it in the numerous occasions he’s called upon to bear some costly embarrassment.

Notable Episode

  1. Impractical Jokers Season 4, Episode 8 Damned If You Do
    After the screening of his 1998 movie “Damned”, Murr is roasted by the New York film critic (Alison Bailes) and can only respond painfully with his comforting twister.

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