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Impractical Jokers: The Idiosyncrasies

One of the inevitable effects of watching a show such as Impractical Jokers religiously is that you grow close to the characters. You start noticing patterns in their character, behaviours down to subtle quirks that soon form the basis of your favourite character.

Due to the nature of a show like IJ, things get more interesting as these are not entirely fictional characters. I’d like to believe they’re their real selves for the most part, if not throughout the show.

The fact that the jokers are long life friends makes it easy to see through this—they themselves will occasionally come to our aid by revealing certain quirks about each other. Likewise, they waste no time announcing any noticeable new changes in a fellow joker.

It therefore comes as no surprise that one of the show’s strongest attraction for me is each of the jokers’ idiosyncrasies. As a devout fan, this is something that inevitably becomes ingrained in one’s psyche with repeated viewings of six seasons (and soon seven) of such addictive tomfoolery and courage.

For this reason, it’s really hard to pick a favourite joker as each of them have their individual strengths and weaknesses depending on the context and challenge at hand.

Indeed, I’ve found myself on multiple occasions rooting for anyone of them while at the same time being indifferent in other situations.

Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to the fact that one of them does tend to hoard a sizeable proportion of this sentiment. Who that is exactly remains a top secret, though I bet that may be discerned quite easily from what I’m about to venture into.

Since it seems I have all the time in the world at this point in time, I’ve found a good excuse to find an outlet for what I like to call the “idiotsyncrasies”: a subjective study (self-published, of questionable scientific method and singular peer review) of behaviors as seen through “corrective” lenses necessitated by glare from impractical binging.

The Joker Idiosyncrasies

Follow the respective links to explore a list of each of the jokers peculiar behaviours and the notable episodes where such behaviours are in full display.

  1. Joe Gatto alias Joe
  2. James Murray alias Murr
  3. Brian Quinn alias Q
  4. Sal Vulcano alias Sal

p.s. I played no part in formulating this order (and likewise that on the navigation bar). If you must take it out on somebody, please do on the alphabet god. He’s usually napping on a silver cloud lining.



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