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Q’s Idiosyncrasies: The Gambler

Q has a penchant for placing bets in challenges. Like most gamblers, his luck is always 50/50. Sometimes he’s right on his prediction and manages to make a few bucks or even escape a challenge. Other times he is not so lucky, and it ends netting him a loss if not a punishment.

Notable Episodes

Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episode 9 Psychotic Not-Line
Q takes his turn at the wheel of doom and ends up scoring the ultimate prize: get $20 from each joker. The jokers begrudgingly fork out the cash to an ecstatic Q. Joe then takes a spin and likewise ends up lucky by landing on the same choice. With this turn of events, Q is left with $40 out of the original $60 that he had swept minutes earlier.

Murr finally takes his turn hoping to score big as well but unluckily finds himself having to clip toenails from a stranger. Sal takes this opportunity to make a wager that Murr wouldn’t succeed in which case Q and Joe would have to give him back his money. Joe keeps silent but Q being the gambler negotiates the bet to what he thinks is far more probable to happen. Sal agrees to flip the bet, a decision he doesn’t regret later as Murr does eventually succeed in getting the toenails.

Impractical Jokers Season 3 Episode 9 Bigger in Texas
Q makes a bet saying he would take a loss for the whole episode if Murr said something to an old couple. To his utter shock, Murr says it and the whole challenge comes to a premature end without Joe and Sal doing their turns. Instead, he’s taken to the rodeo for his punishment where he gets some Texas justice.

Impractical Jokers Season 6 Episode 5 Vampire Weakened
Q places a bet with Murr, promising he will take a loss for the whole challenge if Murr goes on his turn and he’s unable to make him lose. The gamble pays off as he gets Murr on the first try. Challenge escaped!

Impractical Jokers Season 8 Episode 8 Cake Loss
Q bets to take a loss for the challenge if Joe manages to get a customer to do an awkward “kegel exercise”. Joe rises up to the occasion to the dismay of Q who has no choice but to accept the loss.

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