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Q’s Best Lines in Impractical Jokers

When Q takes a break from being a gentleman, you bet his doing or saying some crazy things. It’s no surprise that Q has gotten a reputation of getting the most aggressive reactions from all the jokers for his delivery. From the infamous ‘hey moustache’ debacle to the ‘I got your grapes bro’ incident.

And do you know why that is? Well, it’s because Q often has his ‘good looks‘ going on for him perhaps too much, that is, he comes across as the kind of person who’d actually say some of those crazy things!

Every joker has somewhat of a speciality when it comes to the delivery of their lines: Joe has the brazenness, Sal has the voice and moves to boot, Murr has the ‘plausibility‘ and for Q well, you could say he’s got the authenticity.

Here’s a collection of some of Q’s most memorable lines.

Q’s Best Lines and the Episodes in which He says them

So you and mom still poke?Season 1 Episode 9 (A Loser Presents)
Hey mustache! What’s up?Season 2 Episode 27 (Cyber Buddies)
‘Tis confusion.Season 1 Episode 1 (Pay it Forward)
One more ride and it’s night night forever.Season 6 Episode 13 (Universal Appeal)
You ever get freaky with a turkey baster?Season 4 Episode 24 (Stripped of Dignity)
Stop cockblocking me lady!Season 4 Episode 24 (Stripped of Dignity)
What’s your technique when you go downtown?Season 3 Episode 8 (Inside the Vault)
Rooty toot toot!Season 3 Episode 8 (Inside the Vault)
Boom! I’m eating your grapes bro.Season 1 Episode 15 (Pick a Loser)
Surf’s up, asshats!Season 6 Episode 9 (Drum and Drummer)
My Wife Left MeSeason 1 Episode 13 (Charity Case)
Toot toot, motherf**ker!Season 7 Episode 23 (The Bogey Man)
I’m thirty six, I live alone and have two cats.Season 2 Episode 7 (Sound EffeXXX)
Gunk out!Season 5 Episode 9 (Brother of the Sisterhood)



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