Movie Details

Status: Released

Genres: Short Crime Drama

Released: 2024

Release Date: 01/03/2024 (Kenya - Online)

Country: Kenya

Language: EnglishSwahili

Age Rating: 16

Official Site: Go to Website

Plot Keywords


"The Files" is a short film created as an advocacy against deep misogyny, extreme GBV, and femicide, following the rise in femicide rate in Kenya. It follows Starr, a young woman who is physically and emotionally abused by Johnny, her male partner. Johnny is an arrogant, violent and abusive drug dealer. He has committed multiple femicides before and got away with them. When things get worse and Johnny threatens to murder Starr, a group of young runners who work under Johnny hatches a plan to save Starr from Johnny after growing fond of her.



Icon Karwitha asStarr
Phineas Mbai asJohnny
Desmond Tutu asSteve
Sawyer Gateru asMwas
Erick Gaya asJeremy
Grace Njeri asNicole

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