Movie Details

Status: Released

Genres: Crime Action

Released: 2023

Release Date: 06/10/2023 (Kenya)

Country: Kenya

Language: SwahiliSheng

Age Rating:

Plot Keywords


Kiprotich, a local gang leader, and his crew extort 'taxes' from the people of Mwiki Town. In this environment, another crime lord, Gunner 'G,' emerges, offering the town's residents a higher voice and security. The tranquillity of Mwiki Town is shattered when the Member of Parliament, Okelo, and the Governor announce plans for foreign investment, leading to eviction notices for the residents. Gunner 'G' is compelled to engage in dialogue with the MP, who seems indifferent to the residents' plight.



Mavoko Mbatha asGunner Kiprotich G
Sasha Orege asWambui Kamau
Emily Nene asCatherine Njeri
Mary Kinya asNancy Lubanga
Nathan Songa Kesesi asOkelo
Ernest Onyango as
Vincent Otieno as
Victor Obok as
Josh Omondi as
Emily Nene as

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