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Status: Released

Genres: Drama Romance

Released: 2018

Release Date: 09/05/2018 (Cannes)

Country: Kenya

Language: EnglishSwahili

Age Rating: Restricted

Plot Keywords


Kena and Ziki live very different lives in Nairobi. Kena works in her father's shop and awaits the start of nursing school, while Ziki passes the days hanging out with her friends and making up dance routines. Their paths cross when their fathers run against each other for seats in the County Assembly, and they find themselves drawn to each other. Soon their interest grows to affection and the girls find ways to love each other despite the ever-watching gaze of the neighbourhood.



Samantha Mugatsia asKena Mwaura
Sheila Munyiva asZiki Okemi
Neville Misati asBlacksta
Nini Wacera asMercy
Jimmy Gathu asJohn Mwaura
Charlie Karumi asWaireri
Muthoni Gathecha asMama Atim
Dennis Musyoka asPeter Okemi
Patricia Amira asRose Okemi
Nice Githinji asNduta
Patricia Kihoro asJosephine
Mellen Aura asElizabeth
Githae Njogu asPastor

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