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Status: Released

Genres: Comedy Drama Romance

Released: 2007

Release Date: 27/04/2007 (Kenya)

Country: Kenya

Language: English

Age Rating:

Plot Keywords


Di is 28, beautiful, intelligent, confident, and just the tiniest bit spoiled. From their first meeting, Luther can see that nothing can ever make this woman happy- especially the thought of spending her Easter weekend (and wedding day!) trapped in a ladies' toilet! Trapped together in the ladies of the 15th floor of a Nairobi skyscraper, the two have no choice but to make the best of their forced "vacation", working together despite their differences; finding in themselves, and each other, a strength untold.



Gabriella Mutia asDi
Mwaka Mwinyi Nguti asLuther
Charles Bukeko asWanyonyi
Patrick Joe Mbugua asStreet Old Man
Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki asStreetboy
Mwaka Mwinyi Nguti asCaretaker Lady

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