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Status: Released

Genres: Short Drama

Released: 2023

Country: Kenya

Language: Swahili

Age Rating:

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Look Outside and Dream, Look Within and Awaken

For an asthmatic boy who recently moved to an island city from the up-country, Kisu's worst fear is drowning and so he always dreams of it. He wants to face his fear by learning how to swim. However, his overprotective Aunty is skeptical and won't allow him to mingle with the Swahili boys at the beach. Feeling left out and in need of a bit of freedom and new friendship, Kisu meets the 'Jimbo Boys', a group of skilled Swahili swimmers led by Bakuli. He defies his aunt and approaches them with the hope of joining the gang and learning how to swim. He is at first turned down, dejected. Kisu must prove his courage and loyalty to the gang before he is accepted. Bakuli tailors Kisu's initiation test; a planned heist at a local Candy shop. The mission sets Kisu on the adventure of a lifetime filled with friendship, betrayal, and self-discovery.



Lamar Munene as
Husein Mohamed as

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