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Status: Released

Genres: Documentary

Released: 2023

Release Date: 10/06/2023 (Kenya)

Country: KenyaUSA

Language: Swahili

Age Rating:

Official Site: Go to Website

Plot Keywords


Along the banks of a remote river in northern Kenya lives a Turkana community bearing the brunt of an increasingly unpredictable and harsh climate. The Turkana people are the oldest known historical ethnicity still alive today, and are deeply pastoral. As Kenya grows increasingly barren with access to grazing land and water rapidly shrinking, inevitable conflict and a drastic erosion of pastoral culture has followed. For the Turkana pastoral community, climate change is not a 2050 issue; it's very much an active, present danger. Between the Rains is a coming of age story about an orphaned shepherd boy trying to find his place within a traditional culture that is eroding around.



Patrick Achucka asThemself
Kole James asThemself

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