Movie Details

Status: Released

Genres: Romance Drama

Released: 2002

Release Date: 01/12/2002 (Kenya)

Country: Kenya

Language: English

Age Rating:

Plot Keywords


Love and commitment versus deceit and passion. Who will pay the price?

Kui, a high-flying banker, returns to Kenya after a stint in America and meets Murags, a charming womanizer. The couple is soon married but there is another woman from Murags' past and love and commitment are pitted against friendship and passion.



Serah Mwihaki asRose
Nini Wacera asKui
Leonard Ogembo asMurags
Lorna Irungu asTBU
Wangeci Murage asTBU
Tonny Njuguna asTBU
Ian Kaburu asTBU
George Kirumburu asTBU

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