Series Details

Type: Scripted

Genres: Soap Opera Drama

Original release: 2013

Country: Kenya

Language: EnglishSwahili

Age Rating: 13

Original Channel: Maisha Magic East

Plot Keywords


A Fighting Chance

This is a telenovela where glitz and glamour meet grit and sweat. Where love and family confront betrayal and solitude. A story where success and triumph are pitted against failure. We meet a family battling for survival after their business tycoon father dies in a tragic car crash. His daughter inherits her late dad's pet project, a boxing gym, but she is trying to play in a man's world and the men are not going to let her in that easily. Her step-brother quit boxing when he was accused of throwing a fight. Will he return now and seek redemption? Against this backdrop lies the suspicious circumstances surrounding their fathers death. In a world where only the strong survive and where you're only as good as your next move, KONA shows us that everyone deserves a fighting chance. by MultiChoice Studios


Nini Wacera asJulia Oyange
Lwanda Jawar asWanjala Oyange
Muthoni Gathecha asAyira Oyange
Brenda Wairimu asPamela Oyange
Cleopatra Koheirwe asJakki
Abubakar Mwenda asSimon
Janet Sision asWangui
Arabron Nyyeneque asAbasi
Lenny Juma asJimmy
Robert Ageng’o asLucky
Laura Walubengo asMumbi

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