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Sal’s Idiosyncrasies: Joker Wars… The Punishment Due

Amongst the jokers, no one else fears punishments as much as Sal does. Looking back through the show’s history we can get a plausible explanation for this behaviour: Sal was rather unprepared for the challenges so much so that he ended up suffering through 3 consecutive punishments during the start of the first season.

That of course left an indelible mark on the guy but for good reasons it would seem as he ended up pulling himself by the bootstraps to bequeath that dismal legacy to Murr.

Nevertheless, the “trauma” lingered on and the jokers being the heartless bastards we love the for have callously exploited this fear in the way of surprise punishments that always find Sal flat-footed – literally it would seem.

Notable Episodes:
Impractical Jokers Season 4 Episode 5 Elevating the Game
Sal gets stuck in an elevator with his worst nightmare – a cat and a sickly person that can’t cover his mouth. Hours later he figures out it’s not the gods that were punishing him but the scheming devils that are his friends.

Impractical Jokers Season 5 Episode 17 Water Torture
After a slight mishap with one of the child actors during a final challenge in the park, the other jokers decide to turn it into Sal’s punishment by making the child actors mess during every subsequent take much to the chagrin of Sal.

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