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Murr’s Idiosyncrasies: Keep the Centaur

What does Murr and a Centaur have in common? Body hair and apparently nothing else. Otherwise, it would mean taking Murr for an exceptional drunk, a title that I imagine would be better suited (that is, on appearances alone) for the other hairy joker that’s been spared male pattern baldness to such an extent it affords him a portable wig factory.

Back to centaur matters: What exactly is a Centaur anyway? Hmm, good question. Let’s refresh our mythology.

Well according to the joker tragedians (modern equivalents of Homer specializing in inspiring homeric laughs rather than authoring epic poems) a centaur is a creature in the Impractical Joker mythos with the head, arms, and chest of a Murr, and the body and legs of a horse outfit.

The creature in question is best known for the televised bruising battle (modern equivalents of gladiator matches minus the dying) where, courtesy of its three vengeful masters, it usurped the duties of a half-naked, card-waving creature to the anger of an audience denied of its blood-soaking eye candy.

Notable Episodes

  1. Impractical Jokers Season 4, Episode 15 Kill the Centaur
    Murr is being punished in a boxing event where he has to play a ring-card girl while dressed in ridiculous costumes at the start of every round. It’s in this costume changes that the Centaur makes its first appearance.
  2. Impractical Jokers Season 4, Episode 12 Centaur of Attention
    It’s Murr hunting season. The boys got a report that the Murr has been spotted galloping from the Staten Island Mall towards the direction of Murray’s residence. This is the first time it has been sighted in a year, and has over that period grown antlers in anticipation of mating that evening. Unfortunately, the rowdy hunters put this gene spreading plans to a shaky start when they spray him with deer urine.

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