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Status: Released

Genres: Short Drama

Released: 2017

Release Date: 15/11/2017 (Camerimage Film Festival)

Country: Kenya

Language: SwahiliSomali

Age Rating:

Plot Keywords


Jua, a Christian living in Kenya, boards a chartered bus to visit a relative and is uncomfortable being surrounded by Muslim passengers. The bus is stopped by the violent terrorist group Al-Shabaab, whose members demand that the Muslims identify the Christian passengers. from Wikipedia



Adelyne Wairimu asJua
Barkhad Abdirahman asAbdirashid Adan
Faysal Ahmed asHassan Yaqub Ali (Al-Shabaab Leader)
Abdiwali Farrah asSalah Farah
Mahad Ahmed asPassenger
Charlie Karumi asIssa Osman
Gerald Langiri asGSU officer
Douglas Muigai asGSU officer
Alex Khayo asGSU officer
Justin Mirichii asJames Ouma
Saada Mohammed asAstuhr

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