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Status: Released

Genres: Short Drama

Released: 2021

Release Date: 10/09/2023 (Italy)

Country: Kenya

Language: English

Age Rating:

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Kemunto is struggling to fit in at a friend's bridal shower when Mama Asali, a traditional sexologist or Senga arrives and draws her into the fun. But it quickly becomes clear that Mama Asali's routine is not designed for Kemunto who uses a wheelchair making her frustrated and increasingly withdrawn. The assumption by the other women that having a disability means she can't have sex, makes her feel worse. Then the Senga brings out her colourful collection of dildos and vibrators, and Kemunto becomes obsessed with Sungura (rabbit). She must however navigate this crowded party to get Mama Asali alone in order to buy one; or find the courage to buy it in front of the other women, who believe she shouldn't need a vibrator in the first place.



Florence Wambui asKemunto
Auudi Rowa asWangari
Kauthar Kang'ethe asMama Asali
Mwajuma Belle asPam

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