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Status: Released

Genres: Romance Comedy

Released: 2019

Release Date: 14/02/2019 (Kenya)

Country: KenyaNigeria

Language: EnglishSwahili

Age Rating:

Plot Keywords


One mistake never felt so damn right...

One night. A brutal break up. A drinking spree, and a one night stand with a mysterious man. Few months later and pregnant, Lisa Waweru, a broke stylist, discovers this mysterious man to be Dele Coker, a successful Nigerian CEO based in Nairobi and expanding in East Africa. She and her best friend Joyce, must come up with the perfect plan to have him pay his dues. This must change their lives forever!



Sarah Hassan asLisa
Catherine Kamau asJoyce
Daniel Ettim Effiong asDele Coker
Lenana Kariba asEthan
Justin Mirichii asDele's Lawyer
Chantelle Naisola asMumbi
Zarhaa Kassam asSara
Maina wa Ndungu asDoctor
Mary Gacheri asLisa's Grandma
Patience Baraka asDele's call girl
Silus Ambani asDele's PA
Tracy Amadi asBoutique Attendant

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