Movie Details

Status: Released

Genres: Drama

Released: 2024

Release Date: 27/03/2024 (Kenya)

Country: Kenya

Language: Dholuo

Age Rating: 18

Plot Keywords


Two worlds Unite, Two dreams Collide

Otis Janam, a lazy fisherman, wins a boat racing championship and wins the hand in marriage of the wealthiest man's daughter. Can a good woman save a man from his destiny?



Nick Kwach asOtis Janam
Masese Sarah asApi
Michael Okal asJarieko
Brenda Anyang'o Ochieng asAsalo
Godfrey Odhiambo asMalela
Joan Arigi asMama Pima
Vincent Otieno asCommentator
Lulu Wilson asAchienge
Caroline Ndinya asMama Achienge
Anthony Odhiambo Okoth asJatelo Okoth
Erick Odwira asBaba Achienge
Joshua Ouma asJakowino
George Onyango asOtiende
Verah Okeyo asKatoto
Mike Owiti asDrunkard 1
Andronico Otieno asDrunkard 2
Rebecca Ajowi asAkinyi
Phenias Omondi asOmondi
Edward Bolo asOjwang'
Moses Matinde asOtis Janam's Father
Gean Richard Ochieng asYoung Otis
Liam George asOtis Janam's Son
Mary Verna asOtis Janam's Daughter
Phoebe Anyango asCompetition Videographer

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