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Status: Released

Genres: Documentary

Released: 2018

Country: Kenya

Language: English

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With her deepest instincts guiding her, filmmaker and photographer, Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann embarks on a journey to the stone town of Lamu. A gigantic port project and coal plant are the threatening external elements though the real disruption is that of Philippa's internal journey. Her search takes her to Raya and her young son, Ahmed. It is in their home that she finds a narrative anchor and a more personal entry point into the mysteries of this old town.Communicating the intangible aspects of spirituality through richly textured imagery and Quranic evocations that fill the screen, Philippa tackles the contradictions of being a woman embracing Islam and grappling with the complexities of her chosen faith. Her masterful use of visual poetry translates the potent pull of faith. Fragments of Lamu life unfold like chapters in a book: a man scaling a fish, children bathing by a dock, a baptism, a visual diary of a woman not entirely sure of where she is headed.



Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann asHerself

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