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Status: Released

Genres: Documentary

Released: 2023

Country: Kenya

Language: EnglishSwahili

Age Rating:

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Diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia at the age of 6 months, Lea Kilenga was told by doctors she would not live to see her teenage years. Now in her early-thirties, Lea is determined to prove her detractors wrong. She signs up for a half-marathon against the advice of her doctor so as to raise awareness about others like herself.Her brother Paul joins her for the marathon which ends up being a near-death experience for Lea. Forced to move back home to Taita Taveta, the experience strengthens Lea’s resolve to advocate for better health care in her community that has one of the highest rates of sickle cell anemia in the country.



Lea Kilenga Bey asThemself
Paul Koyanga Masamo asThemself
Albert Loghwaru asThemself
Eunice Ndesamiro Masamo asThemself
Mnyindo Masamo asThemself
Andrew Jumamosi Masamo asThemself

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