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Status: Released

Genres: Drama Comedy

Released: 1995

Release Date: 16/10/1995 (Mill Valley Film Festival)

Country: KenyaGermany

Language: EnglishSwahiliKikuyu

Age Rating:

Plot Keywords


Traditional African beliefs come into conflict with missionary zeal in a Kikuyu village. There, life revolves around a sacred tree that exerts a strange power over everyone around it. Needless to say, Christian ladies see the tree only as a reminder of a pagan past. Standing against their plan to cut down the tree is Mumbi, a daughter of an old-fashioned medicine man, who has returned from the city and an abusive husband. Her Polaroid snapshots of "the most dramatic occasion of the Felling of the Sacred Tree" reunite the community in healing together.



Margaret Nyacheo asMumbi
Catherine Kariuki asTBU
Roslynn Kimani asTBU
Titi Wainaina asTBU

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