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Status: Released

Genres: Short Drama

Released: 2023

Release Date: 20/10/2023 (Kenya)

Country: Kenya

Language: EnglishSwahili

Age Rating:

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In the search of a livelihood, Juliana, a young mother, holds on to sanity by a thread, as her world is turned upside down. After losing her job at a restaurant, Juliana downsizes to a one-roomed house in an informal neighborhood in Nairobi. Her luck turns when she is shortlisted as a finalist by a top accounting firm. On this day, the interview is at 11:00 am. The landlord, Mr. Mutisya, gives her a final notice to pay her rent areas the same morning. Her neighbor, Mama Mukami, who has promised to watch her 2-month baby, has a campaign engagement for the local politician. Sister Magdalene, despite being sympathetic to Juliana cannot allow her to leave the baby at the church due to a 'pandemic' of mothers abandoning their children in the compound. Undeterred, Juliana beats the clock and makes it for the interview, her fussy baby in her arms. A sequence of events triggered by her baby's cries make her lose her promising interview. Broken, frustrated, holding onto sanity a thread, she questions her love for her baby.



Elsaphan Njora asJuliana
Jasmine Talia asBaby Anna
Julisa Rowe asSister Magdalene
Dennis Musyoka asMr. Mutisya
Veronica Gatuguta asMama Mukami
Yvonne Wambui asMama Johnny
Naomi Mburu asJane
Elsaphan Njora asMark
Millicent Ogutu asInterviewer
Godfrey Ojiambo asWatchman

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