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Who’s the most Punished Joker in Impractical Jokers’ History?

We’ve all seen the episodes and the punishments that unfold at the end. The punishments are always the hardest part to watch as the humour becomes now tempered (or enhanced) with feelings of pity, embarrassment or even disgust.

For this reason they make for the most memorable moments in the series. I mean, who can forget Murr’s infamous underwear incident from Season 1 (episode 6 – Panty Raid) punishment, or Joe’s belly dancing (episode 12 – Bellydancer) that was as equally humiliating as it was hilarious?

And the list of such priceless moments are endless. Need I remind of the Permanent Punishment from Season 3 (episode 26) where Sal earned himself an unflattering portrait of Jaden Smith on his upper thigh or Q’s birds and the bees presentation to none other than his mom and dad from Season 2 (episode 6)?

Still, if there’s anything we’ve learnt from all these punishments is that they are not created equal and by design, some jokers will always feature prominently more than others.

Take for instance Sal, he was the loser in all the first 3 episodes of the show. This baptism by fire proved useful as he only managed to garner some two other loses by the end of the first season.

I mean, he ended up tying with Joe, and that’s no minor feat in the context of the entire series. Then somehow, Sal lost his mojo and in season 2 he racked a total of 10 punishments compared to Joe’s incredible 6. It’s from this season where I dare say a loser pattern started emerging.

Joe, the jokers’ joker, often breezes through punishments with such unbridled goofiness you’d be mistaken to think he was still doing a challenge.

Murr, the superhuman joker, braves through the toughest, most unsettling punishments the show has to offer rather excruciatingly if not too brazen at times.

Q, the dignified joker, pulls through punishments very relatably if not with some clever trickery.

Sal, the cringeking, weathers the storms of punishments terribly unprepared if not by complete surprise but always with a confetti of emotions escorting his pitiful efforts.

Based on this assessment, you can pretty much guess which joker is in the running for the title of the most punished joker.

And without further ado, drum rolls please, the most punished joker in the history of impractical jokers is none other than Sal.

As you can view from this tally of total punishments across the seasons, Sal is still in the lead with a whooping 70 punishments to his name as of season 8 compared to Joe’s 43 and Q’s 53.

Murr is quite close behind with 67 losses and evidently Sal has a fighting chance to bequeath this blemish to the ferret who we both know can wear the loser title more proudly.

As for Joe, he’s too far in the lead that his victory is a foregone conclusion at this point, while Q’s relatable sense continues to carry him through the show with a balanced portfolio as we would expect from the gentleman himself!


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    I agree. Sal is definitely the most punished Joker in history. I always thought Murr was the most punished Joker, but obviously, I was wrong. Salvatore Anthony Vulcano, you’re the biggest loser in Jokers’ history!

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