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Joe’s Idiosyncrasies: Can You Stomach This?

Joe’s most prized organ is without a doubt his belly. A sure weapon that has to be flaunted to lure into battle that villainy of pastries that no doubts terrorizes the sensory alleys of his nose. So make way for Captain Fatbelly lest you fall victim to his victory dance: the deadly suck it!

Notable Episodes

  1. Impractical Jokers Season 1, Episode 12 Bellydancer
    Joe’s belly dancing to diners in a Moroccan lounge (Tagine Dining Gallery) as a punishment.
  2. Impractical Jokers Season 4, Episode 16 Captain Fatbelly
    Captain fatbelly makes his debut atop a moving tram on the Roosevelt Island Tramway.
  3. Impractical Jokers Season 4, Episode 21 Live Punishment Special
    Captain fatbelly reminding us that the only way he can walk on a wire is only if a tram is connected to it.
  4. Impractical Jokers Season 5, Episode 21 Wrapper’s Delight
    Joe and his protuberance have to escape the shade. Gary knees come to the rescue but not for long before a ferret comes drops in to disturb the peace.
  5. Impractical Jokers Season 6, Episode 19 Flatfoot the Pirate
    Joe taking care of his physique at a waiting room.
  6. Impractical Jokers Season 6, Episode 23 Take Me Out at the Ballgame
    Joe gets a guy at the beach to inflate and deflate his belly.

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