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Impractical Jokers Season 2 (2012-13)

The second season of Impractical Jokers was aired on TruTV from September 6th 2012 to December 12th 2013. The season had a total of 28 episodes with no specials.

The highest rated episodes on season 2 are episode 18 (Sweat the Small Things), 22 (Everything’s Just Rosie) and 23 (Enter the Dragons) all with a score of 9.0.

On the other hand the lowest rated episodes are episodes 2 and 4 (The Stoop Sessions Part 1 & 2) both with a score of 7.3.

List of Episodes

1Elephant in the RoomSal8.9
2The Stoop Sessions Part 1None7.3
3Art AttackMurr8.7
4The Stoop Sessions Part 2None7.3
5Birds and the BeesQ8.5
6Strip High FiveJoe and Murr8.9
7Sound EffeXXXSal8.5
8Do Something To My FaceJoe8.5
9Psychotic Not-LineSal8.4
10The Truth HurtsMurr8.6
11Get Out of DodgeMurr8.4
12The Love ExpertJoe8.6
13Out of FashionQ8.4
14Scaredy CatSal8.7
15Joker vs. JokerQ and Sal8.5
16Down in the DumpSal8.8
17Human PiñataMurr8.2
18Sweat the Small ThingsSal9.0
19Film FailQ8.6
20Not Safe For WorkMurr8.7
21The AllianceJoe, Murr and Sal8.7
22Everything's Just RosieQ9.0
23Enter the DragonsJoe and Sal9.0
24Dog Days of BummerJoe8.9
25Sorry for Your LossSal8.8
26All the Wrong MovesQ8.7
27Cyber BuddiesMurr8.9
28Trouble ShootQ8.4

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