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This site began as a personal project in late 2020 to learn certain aspects of web development. The goal was to create a film database similar to IMDB or TMDB, but strictly for Kenyan films. After a few months of building the site, I was happy with how it had turned out and decided to go on with the project.

The site went live in January 2021, and has been online ever since. The progress in adding Kenyan films and TV shows has however been slow since this is essentially a one-man operation contrary to what the domain name may suggest.

Information of the films/TV shows is sourced from a variety of online sources such as IMDB/TMDB listed films, posters, film festival sites, local news site, blogs and occasionally from the film credits.

In addition to these, I’ve since added a form which anyone can use to submit a film, TV show or bio to be published on the site. Other contributions are also welcome, such as submitting corrections and leaving comments, reviews or ratings for any of the listed titles.

Feel free to email or drop me a message on the contact page if you’d like to contribute or collaborate in any other way.